Monday, September 29, 2008

Life today... staying postitve.....

wow...well today I had the first bad review on my cakes... It comes at a time when I feel that I am done with cakes....whether I am done for a few weeks or if this was just a season of my life...I am unsure...however with regards to the bad cake...I was told it was soooooo dry people couldnt eat it...why? I am still figuring out.....however I have really tried to be positive about the situation...for instance in 1 out of 20 cakes went bad....thats actually not a bad ratio even though my expectation is 0 out of 20!! Anyhow live and learn!
But as to the whole seasonal thing...maybe cakes was just a way of getting us through a trying time financially..we lived on my the $$ from my cakes!
Whats next...I have nothing booked.....even my all me appointments I have been going to havent, nothing has come from them.

Is this season closed? I need to know, because I have a bridal show in November. So I am waiting...maybe this is a time to relax....breathe, I have been so consumed with cakes ...I think I have become burnt out!!
I just dont know.....
Financially we have been so tight and that in it self is quite stressful!!
One good thing is that my house is becoming cleaner and more organized...especially as all the children are in school all day!! I am loving the quiet! Though today I can get a bit bored!
My mind seems to go non stop..... I so need to breathe, relax and let go.....

So thats an update on the life I live today!

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Its funny how life goes on and we get so busy, we get sidetracked, we come we go....and we forget to blog ..... I think its facebook...I spend so much time on Facebook reading what everyone else it doing, but I miss blogging.....

We have been so busy, alot of change and lots of fun!!

Last time I blog I was just starting work at a clothing store here in Westbank! I worked 4 shifts.... The 2nd day I started I got a call to make a 60 birthday cake,I had my website up for a few the next evening I went to Micheals to buy the supplies need to make this cake. As we drove home I sort of said to myself, maybe I am not to work but do cakes and if there is another request for a cake when I get home maybe that will be a sign..... I wasnt really serious because I didnt think that there would be a request....I was wrong there was a request for a wedding cake... I already had 2 booked for the summer. I put it behind me....I did book another wedding cake though. Anyhow as I was working the next a two shifts it was occuring to me that it was going to cost me about $800.00 for child care during the summer ...I would only be making maybe $800.00 a didnt add up....
So after talking with Trev we decided that I wouldnt work and just focus on cakes and parties.... the week I stop working I booked a party and 2 more cakes.....

The job was good though and I believe that it was God's way of setting me free from the obligations I had so that I could focus on the kids, the house, and the cakes N Parties.

Well now we are almost in to August....I had 2 parties in May, 1 wedding cake and 1 party in June, 6 cakes in July and 9 cakes in August....crazy..but so fun!!

I love making cakes....let me rephrase that ..I love decorating cakes!! Baking cakes is just something I have to do!! I love doing something ...and I feel like I come alive when I do it!

I am so thankful for God... for my businees, for the sucess of this business, and everytime I do a cake I am dependent on Him to match the colors of the cake with the wedding or party.....everytime is has matched perfectly!

I am also thankful to Trevor who is my number 1 fan and supporter.....he is amazing...I am so blessed by him...

I am so thankful for my children, who love to help...who put up with me , and love to do dishes!! They are so encouraging ....

I am so thankful for my parents, who make us dinner on the days that I am so busy with decorating and baking! They also take care of the children...take them to the beach etc....

I am so thankful for my new friends who have jumped on the band wagon to help with thoughts, ideas, or hands on help!

I am so blessed! Thanks Jesus!

I am thankful for my house....its not a perfect house...but it home!

Father thanks for all that you have given us....for providing our needs, for giving us a home, keeping us safe, just for everything.......I thank you!

Well thats my story in a nut shell to update you all......

be blessed!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Life is all about change!

"if we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living!"

Change is good.... sometimes its a bit unnerving too.

For instance on Monday I start a job where I have to be at the store at 9:30 am and work on my feet for 8 hours. I can 't even remember when the last time I had to be at a job at a certain time was on a regular basis!

Change.. .it means being more organized , having lunches made for everyone, having dinner planned....I know for a lot of people this is a normal day, but for us this is a something we will have to get use to.

Change will be good!

I am actually really excited about the job, its something that kinda fell into my lap, and I know its God who is orchestrating this change.

The timing is funny, but it is so good to know that I trust the Conductor of my life.
We go wih the flow..where he guides, where he sends, it's all for a bigger picture.

God is good...I love having hope and someone to trust in.....

This month has been a month of change, of memories, of fun....
I loved celebrating my 10 Anniversary...of being married to the most amazing man....who shows unconditional love all the time, who is a hard worker, who loves his children, and who is so much fun!!
I am so blessed...I love you Trev,.....thanks for the most amazing 10 years and I am looking forward to the next 100 years with you by my side!

Be blessed today!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

My life isnt really mine....

Yep a another revelation is beginning to develop....maybe a light is turning on.....

My life is not mine to live

I am nothing on my own
The world does not revolve around me, there's a bigger picture!!

I need Jesus everyday
Do you know he made US for a purpose?
Do you know that he has a plan...we dont always know what it is, or we might have a glimpse, however we have to walk in faith, being positive, standing on His words

For I know the plans I have for you...Jeremiah 29
Everything works together for good....

I need Jesus to be real to me everyday! To give opportunity to listen to what HE is saying for today

Lord what do you require of me today?

Everything I have is yours, My timings are in your hands, our businesses are yours
our home is yours,

I am nothing, I have nothing with out YOU!

Father thank you for your unconditional love and grace, your provision, your mercy

I love you Lord, thank you for taking my life and giving it purpose!

Be Blessed!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Leaving the old and going for the new

We have been so busy, with company etc.....yesterday I fell asleep on the couch in the afternoon for almost 2 hours. Yesterday I also stressed about $$$, Yesterday I had a great evening just me and Trev talking about life and was so refreshing to just be us.

SO today I have really been thinking....since we have moved here to Westbank, it is like we still had our toes in Coquitlam, not totally letting go, but today I have realized that we have to let go of the old and grasp, hang on to the new....let go of yesterday and focus on today looking with hope at tomorrow.

This doesn't mean to forget all your friends from the past, but to not focus on what was and a focus on where we are now and what will be.

So today I thank GOD for the past 5 years in Coquitlam, I learn't a lot, built good friendships, worked on my character, have good memories....

Today I am focusing on today, here us in Westbank. I am turning the page, to start a new fresh chapter.

Father thank you for bringing us to Westbank, thank you for the people we are meeting here. Thank you for our home, Trev's job, our vehicles, our childrens schools, etc
Father thank you for your blessing, your favor, your provision.
Thank you that you already have a plan on paying the bills this month, It is all in your hands.

Father I love you and today I am finally ready to start the new chapter of our story.

Thank you Lord for all my friends here and and where ever they are. Bless them!!

Be Blessed!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good days and Not so good days

Its funny how we have good days and not so good days..... some days I am so content, so excited, so at peace, other day I am freaking out, complaining, etc.


Life I guess, but I am coming to realize that it doesnt have to be like that, it is all about how we let our mind and the negative thoughts run and get bigger, until our perspective is blown out of proportion!!

So Sunday we went to church and I had a vision during worship of A person standing under a large stick or piece of plywood. The person was just dried up, wilting, feeling overwelmed and wondering what happened to God, did he leave ? Then I saw water/rain falling but because the wood was so thick it wasnt getting through to the person underneath the wood. Then I saw God snap the wood into two and the water gushed over the person, giving them life, soaking them....

So I shared this vision to the church, then when I sat down I realized that the vision was for me and that I was dried up and wilting. So I stood up and sureenderd everything to the Lord.... realized I havent been thankful fopr what God has done and has given us. I have just complained and been so negative,,,looking at what I dont have rather then what I do have. I asked God to forgive me for my complaints .... I surrendered everything to God.

Now the funny part is after worship the Pastor got up and what did he start talking about......being thankful!!! Do you think God was trying to get my attention?!!!!!

So Monday I woke was so nice not to have to rush the kids off to school!!
I sat down and just thanked God for everything, even our debt.....and placing everything work, debt, family etc into his hands!!

That afternoon, we got a call for our first home inspection with JDS. It was such an encouraging blessing...and I am so thankful to God for that as well as knowing that HE takes care of us.

Thank you Lord for all that you are, all the you do, fo ryour love, your grace, your mercy,
This Easter I thank you for dieing for me. For rising again after 3 days to give us a freedom we will never be fully able to understand. Thank you for your freedom!

I love you Lord!!

Be Blessed today
and I wish you a very Happy Thankful Easter!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

What the hell.....

Sometimes I just want to say...What the hell are we doing?

flowers for my kitchen

flowers for my kitchen
garden of life

Total Worship

Total Worship
I loveTrev's Passion


Solid Rock...Dad






Garden of


Exquiste painting...MJ


Mary's worship

Our Aglow Team

Our Aglow Team
Unity was abundant

Mom and Me

Mom and Me
Singing togther for the 1 x so Fun!!

My Boys

My Boys
Love you guys

Shenelle and Me

Shenelle and Me
My Sunshine

Some of My Grace Girls

Some of My Grace Girls
Maycee, Joss, Courtney,& Me

Justice and Me

Justice and Me
My Amazing Boy

Daphne and Me

Daphne and Me
Daphne my Beauty

Me and my Mom

Me and my Mom
love you Mom


God wants to set you free

Freedom # 2

Freedom  # 2
you can have freedom two

Let it Go

Let it Go
Trust Him

Living Waters

Living Waters

Beauty & The Beholder

Beauty  & The Beholder
Jesus thinks you are beautiful

Beauty & Beloved

Beauty & Beloved
My first paintings


I Think your Beautiful

One Day

One Day



Inner Peace

Inner Peace